Since 1991 Mark has been honing his skills working with natural stone in a landscaping setting. A traditional approach to flagstone patios and walkways, steps and retaining walls means that the tools of choice for working with stone are chisel and hammer.

stone wall

This will mean a dramatic reduction in noise and stone-dust when compared to saw heavy work, but it also means a deeper understanding of the quality and nature of stone and of the character of the space it is designed to inhabit.

But ultimately it is in the timeless beauty of stone, handcrafted to fit in a particular place where these efforts will be revealed.

These are team efforts. Ray has contributed his skills and hard work for over eleven years. And through the strength of relationships like this, we can offer skilled horticultural and woodworking services as well.



is simple. A flat stone on the ground . Nice on the feet. But so many ways to do it. Squares and rectangles of different shape and size - or pieces of random shape - fit together but never the same way twice. With loose, open joints, or with carefully constructed joint lines that weave and flow through the landscape. On cement - "wet" - or "dry" on a permeable base where the stone is allowed to gently move with the forces of nature.

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hold the earth in place. Only one side is seen. Stones nestled upon each other, a slight lean into the earth with no cement is a dry wall. Tightly constructed or more loosely placed, the premise remains: simple and flexible. Or start with a concrete base and set each stone in mortar when a solid "wet lay" approach is preferred. Either way, a beautiful, functional, vertical element for a garden.

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are available too. In addition to free standing walls, steps, pillars and the installation of rockery stone, we have an experienced gardener named Jeannette on hand who loves to work with plants. And our friend Siggi is an accomplished wood carver who builds beautiful fences and decks

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"Keep it simple.
Stone does not take space up. It creates it."

Mark Goger


Locally owned and operated for over 23 years


No charge for an on-site consultation and estimate

Small crew and a very low environmental impact

Locally owned and operated for over 23 years

Design consultation always a part of the process.

High quality work


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